Living After Weight Loss Surgery: Something That Everyone Should Know


It takes you a lot of courage and determination in making the decision to undergo a weight loss surgery. This in particular happens if you have a bothering medical condition that can be overcome with weight loss. Other than assisting in the battle against extra pounds, these surgical procedures can improve the quality of your life and increase you lifespan.

However, it is of great importance to first understand that other aspects of your life will also change. These include your eating habits, self-esteem, and relation with others, just to mention a few.  Whereas weight loss surgery might appear as the simplest way out, you will still need to apply more effort if you want to keep off extra weight through restricted meals and regular workouts.

While you will still be required to make lifelong healthier food choices, weight loss surgery acts as a fulcrum towards the realization of a slim, healthier, and attractive figure.

Feelings Behind Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery doesn't happen in an overnight. It is a gradual process whose effects become noticeable after 3 to 6 months, or longer. In the next several weeks or months after the operation, you may experience challenges which may interfere with your daily activities. These include body aches, dry skin, feeling cold, hair loss or thinning, changes in moods or feeling tired. Luckily, these symptoms eventually disappear once your body becomes accustomed to changes in weight. It is recommendable to take plenty of proteins and vitamins after the operation.

Feelings of sadness become prone to some individuals after the operation. This is from the fact that life's reality after the operation may not match the expectations present prior to surgery. Some of unexpected outcomes like feelings, attitude, and anxiety will still be present. These include:

1. Missing out on certain social events such as parties, food restrictions, or eating out with colleagues.
2. You may not lose weight as soon as you were expecting.
3. You might think that the craving for food and the appetite for sugary foods will die.
4. Expectations to be treated differently by friends and family after losing weight may become unrealistic.
5. You expected thoughts of sadness and depression to fade away after surgery and weight loss but are still present.

Some people may suffer from both psychological and physical complications involved in the recovery process such as need for frequent follow-ups and infections that may result after the weight loss surgery. This is against their earlier expectations that all would have gone on well smoothly.

Dietary Changes

After the operation, you are not required to resume to old eating habits. Instead, you will be put under liquid or pureed diet for between 2 to 3 weeks. Eventually, you will introduce soft foods and then resume to normal eating. Most probably, you will resume to regular meals by the 6th week.

Initially, you will be feeling full too soon after only a few bites of solid foods. This is because your reduced stomach has a very little holding capacity from just a few tablespoons shortly after surgery. Even if your stomach pouch is larger, you will find it harder to hold more than a cup of chewed solid food. (An average stomach can hold up to 4 cups of solid food). Can this have any psychological impact? Well, it will all depend on your psychological preparedness.

As you embark to eating regular solid foods, each bite must be carefully chewed about 20-30 times. To be swallowed, food must be smooth or pureed first.  The reasons behind this are:

1. You will have to spend at least 30 minutes per meal
2. The opening to your new stomach pouch is significantly small. Swallowing large portions can lead to blockage causing you to vomit or endure a painful sensation under your breastbone.
3. Instead of the regular three meals in a day, you will have to consume at least six small servings daily.
4. You are not allowed to snack in between meals.
5. You might feel some pain from some foods that are not chewed properly such as pasta, sticky, or dry foods.

After the surgery, you are supposed to ensure that you consume at least 8 glasses of water or calorie-less fluids daily under some conditions including:

A) You will be required not to drink any kind of fluids an hour before or after you eat, or during a mealtime. Consuming of fluids will flush out solid foods from your stomach making you hungrier.

B) Just like with foods, you are only supposed to take fluids in small sips and not gulp. Additionally, straws are not allowed since they bring in air.

Regulated Caloric Intake

After the surgery, your health caregiver will recommend what you should consume and what to avoid. Proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are some of the recommendable foods you should consume as they assist in weight loss. You should avoid overeating as this can stretch your stomach pouch and counter your weight loss plan. Avoid foods and drinks rich in fats, sugars, fructose, and carbs. Carbonated drinks and alcohol are also prohibited.

Bodily Changes

A saggy skin and loss of muscle mass are common challenges that come with weight loss after surgery. Saggy skin mostly occurs around the belly, face, arms, chest, buttocks, and other body parts.

In conclusion, we can deduce that weight loss surgery is indeed not the perfect solution in shedding extra pounds.

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Obiqo Skincare Smoothing Eye Cream Has Introduced in The United States

All-natural New Zealand brand Obiqo has introduced in the united states, and all those who have a skin tone in serious need of moisturization or perhaps a great perking-up will want to take notice. Obiqo offers ingredients such as local sea kelp along with French sea lavender, exclusive combinations of sweet herbs along with other organic flora extracts and vital natural oils.I suggest their Smoothing Eye Cream to those who have battled to discover products suitable for sensitive eyes, allergies, dry skin and slack skin area around the eyes. It includes the tightening result (but not really tight-feeling), and its hydrating age reversing marine nourishment together with cucumber, chamomile as well as kiwi actually deal with the parched, frequently reddened, sensitive skin around eyes. Free of fragrances Smoothing Eye Cream's incredibly silky consistency will make it versatile for day time and indispensable by night time. It simply feels impressive, and is also mild enough for a lash conditioner. It won't pill, cake, get gloppy or interfere with makeup, either.

I have applied a dab of this eye cream combined having a dab of my foundation and concealer to have a glow, much more sheer texture for my make-up. Anything that allows me to wear less makeup with fewer products and look more gorgeous at the end is worth the extra minute to blend a little custom potion. The jar is huge and the price is small comparatively, so you've got some wiggle room to get creative with it! I use it on my cuticles and hands before I go to bed. Sometimes, I also use it on my entire face at night, or during the day blended with a cream highlighter or cream blush. The soft, satiny natural sheen of this cream is undeniably sweet, and it's never, ever greasy, which makes it a perfect playmate for those who really like to marry their skin care and makeup. Once you get a taste of life with this gentle giant among eye creams, you'll feel naked without it. And I don't mean naked in a good way, but in a dry, dull way.

Product Nutshell:

Fragrance free Obiqo eye cream is specially formulated to nourish and smooth the delicate skin around your eye area. A silky textured cream, enriched with anti-aging marine nutrients to firm and gently moisturise, and supported by extracts of cooling cucumber, camomile and kiwi.

Product Review: RejuvaSea Cellular Repair Eye Cream

Youthful under eye skin is the wish of each and every woman these days, as under eye wrinkles and other issues arise much early now days. But getting a good under eye cream is not that easy and most women opt for a wrong product in a hustle. The best solution to this is getting a good and all natural under eye cream to kick of those lines and wrinkles issues.

What is Cellular Repair Eye Cream?

Cellular Repair Eye Cream claims to be an effective under eye skin treatment for various under eye skin issues. The product claims to have RéjuvaPlankton as an active ingredient. It says to be a powerful ocean based anti-oxidant that has extraordinary benefits for the skin. The benefits also include stimulating collagen production and increasing mitochondrial metabolism along with reducing the effects of hyperpigmentation which allows for more even skin tones

Its active marine formula is a proprietary blend of seaweed, kelp and algae extracts that are known to nourish the skin, restore moisture levels of the skin, and protect against environmental elements.

Manufacturer Details:

This product is manufactured by RéjuvaSea. The manufacturer is known to offer high-end and quality skincare through their online store. The manufacturer of RéjuvaSea sources their exclusive ingredients from the rich waters of Veta la Palma. Veta la Palma, located in southern Spain, is one of the largest, most important sustainable sanctuaries in the world.

Ingredients And Their Working:

The key ingredient of this product is RéjuvaPlankton. This ingredient when combined with the other nourishing botanical ingredients found in the Réjuvasea system is known to stimulate collagen production and increase cellular metabolism in your skin in order to protect it and make it able to fight against aging skin as well as everyday skin damaging factors such as smoke, smog, sun and stress. Some other pollutants contributing for an uneven skin are free radicals and such types. These are also responsible for those annoying spots that keep appearing every now and then.

Some other ingredients are: Shea butter, water, Cetyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, Panthenol, Tocopherol, Bisabolol, Macrocystis Pyrifera (Kelp) Extract, Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Algae Extract, Aloe Ascophyllum Nodosum (Seaweed) Extract, Potassium Hydroxide, Xanthan Gum and Sodium Phytate.
Note that this product is not formulated with Parabens, triclosan, mineral oil, petroleum, sulfates and phthalates.

Benefits of Cellular Repair Eye Cream:

1. This under eye cream provides Deep skin hydration.
2. It is known to effectively smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.
3. It is said to be non-drying and doesn't make you have residue
4. This formula claims to be dermatologist tested.


1. The ingredient list for this product is not given by the manufacturer.
2. There are no offers or clinical proofs on the official webpage of this product.
3. No money back guarantee known.

How to use?

This under eye treatment is to be used Gently, by dabbing on the under eye skin and on to the upper eyelid, below brow bone at night. This product is for external use only.


This product though is made by natural ingredients is not that pleasing, as the official webpage does not give the required details of this product. Moreover there is no money back offered by this product which most other products provide these days.

Product Review: Creme Ancienne Eye Cream By Fresh


Fresh Crème Ancienne Eye Cream is an eye and skin care product formulated to reduce signs of aging and provide nourishment. The creators of this cream claim that it contains ingredients so fragile that each must be poured in a predetermined temperature and following a particular sequence. Because of those difficult to meet requirements, the only way to pull it through is to do it manually.

The manufacturers of this product claim they had to go to a monastery for the monks to hand-blend each jar. The point is those monks are the only ones who have the original formula.
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Product Review: Iris Advanced Eye Gel


What is Iris Advanced Eye Gel?

Iris Advanced Eye Gel claims to be a treatment gel for the under eye skin that eliminates signs of stress like fine lines and wrinkles effectively. This product even promises to bring out that youthful glow on the skin right from the very first use, thus making you look even sexier. This product Iris Advanced Eye Gel is said to be an eye gel, which is based on hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is said to be skin's natural active ingredient
to keep your skin young and have that elasticity.

Ingredients of Iris Advanced Eye Gel:

The key ingredient of this product is hyaluronic acid. With aging body produces less hyaluronic acid. This makes the under eye skin appear dark and dull. The role of Hyaluronic acid, is to repair the skin's elasticity and prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin. The product even says to have anti-oxidants that claim to protect and neutralize acne called Techokkaita, which you may have. All this imply that the product makes your skin appear younger and even correct the problems that are already in the skin.
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Product Review: Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream


This powerful wrinkle reducing eye cream claims to be a formula to diminish and fade the lines and wrinkle, espicially on the under eye skin, thus making your skin have that youthful appearance once again. The formula claims to have been rigorously researched and is said to have used copper PCA to spur collagen growth and bring back elasticity as well as calcium to replenish moisture and protect skin from environmental invaders. The formulation is said to have naturally healing apricot oil to keep the skin hydrated and balanced. Along with this, the manufacturer says that the formula is free of fragrances, parabens and mineral oils.

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Product Review: Voya Bright Eyes Eye Cream

The under eye skin treatment claims to be a soft antioxidant rich firming eye crème that has been designed to make tiredness disappear. It says to do so by the presence of exciting range of functional certified organic ingredients and seaweed extract that help fight the signs of ageing and give a youthful appearance to tired and puffy eyes.

This product is manufactured by VOYA a family owned Irish business. The manufacturer claims that all of the brand's products are made without mineral oils, synthetic colors, genetically modified ingredients, fragrances and preservatives. It even says to be suitable for sensitive skins.
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Product Review: This Works Perfect Eyes Recovery Cream


Overview On This Works Perfect Eyes Recovery Cream?

Perfect Eyes Recovery Cream is an under eye treatment by This Works. It claims to be an excellent multi tasked and a true 4 in 1 product. It promises to de-puff sooth, hydrate and brighten the delicate eye area. Regular use of this product promises to give a refreshing and cool feeling on the skin. It gives one an awakened look that too instantly.

As far as dark circles are concerned, there are no good reviews on this products effectiveness on dark circles. Moreover a month of regular use of this product is said to give utmost effective results, thus making the under eye skin look better and makes one skip the need of an illuminator or a concealer.
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Product Review: La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream

Eyes! The most beautiful feature of a woman's face that can turn heads on. But, it is not easy to be an ageless beauty, until and unless one is bless with such wonderful genes. Being an ageless beauty requires proper and timely efforts, followed by use of a good under eye cream. Making a wise and thoughtful decision in regards to getting an under eye cream, solves half your problem.

What is La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream?

La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream is an under eye treatment for various under eye skin issues. As per the official website of this product it is a blissful, light and luxurious cream that drenches the skin with moisture and gives it a lightened, whitened and brightened effect. It even lifts the skin thereby giving more even skin tone with improved firmness. The product claims to comprise of pearlescent powders in it, which is said to give immediate illumination along with a complex of brightening ingredients that work to control age spots and discoloration on the surface of skin.

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